YouTube Vs Blogging | Which One is Best to Make Money Online in 2019 ?

YouTube Vs Blogging | Which One is Best to Make Money Online in 2019 ?
YouTube Vs Blogging

Everyone Wants to Make Money Online but there are Lot of Factors Which Effect the Amount We Can Earn . YouTube and Blogging are two Most Famous Methods to Make Money Online . So , Today , I am Going to Compare YouTube and Blogging for the most part on 5 Basis.

    What is YouTube ?

    YouTube is a Social Platform where People Can Upload Videos and Earn Money through Different Ways . It means to Spread our Knowledge in the form of a Video. You don’t need to invest even a single penny before Starting a YouTube Channel . It is Totally Free .

    YouTube Vs Blogging | Which One is Best to Make Money Online in 2019 ?

    What is Blogging ?

    Blogging actually means to Present our Knowledge in a written Form . Note that You need to Invest a little Money before Starting a Blog ( around 2,000-3,000 Rs ) Blogging is also Becoming Famous among Indians in Recent Years
    YouTube Vs Blogging | Which One is Best to Make Money Online in 2019 ?

    Today , I am Going to Compare YouTube and Blogging mainly on 5 Basis .
    • Investment
    • Working Period
    • Earning
    • Fame
    • Risk of Success

    1.1 Investment

    First Point is obviously the amount of Money that we need to Invest While Starting a YouTube Channel or a Blog .
    YouTube : In YouTube , You don’t need to Pay Even a Single Rupee while Creating a Channel but still there are some Gears that You should have if You Want to Shoot and Edit Videos . A Smartphone Can be a Very Good Choice at Initial Stage . So , We Can Say that there is almost zero Investment While Creating a YouTube Channel as Everyone have a Smartphone these Days .
    Blogging : Talking about Blogging , It Requires a little Investment if You are really Serious about it . You can start a blog for free on ‘Blogger’ but it is Not Suitable for Long Time . First of all You Need a Laptop or PC as Writing Articles through Phone is a very Tough task . Secondly , You need to Purchase a Good Quality Hosting and Domain which will Together Cost You around 2000-2500Rs for First Time and Later on Yearly Renewal is Cheaper.

    1.2 Working Period

    Working Period Means for How long You need to Work on Your YouTube Channel or Blog to Start Generating Income from It .
    YouTube : There is no doubt that you need to work hard if You want to get Success in Youtube but still it Can also happen that your 1st , 2nd or 3rd Video Gets Viral but it happens in very rare cases . Thus , You Need to Work Harder as Well as Smarter for atleast 6 Months to Get Success in Youtube.
    Blogging : Blogging Requires a lot of Patience as Your 1st or 2nd Article will not rank on Google . You need to work on your blog consistently for atleast 5-6 Months . Only then You will be able to generate some Revenue from your blog . Hence , We can say that Both Youtube and Blogging Needs Patience.

    1.3 Earning

    YouTube : To Start Earning Money from YouTube , You need atleast 1000 Subcribers and 4000 hours of Watchtime . But Still after Completing that threshold , You Don’t get a lot of Money . The Current rate in India is approximately 1$ for 3000-4000 Views . The Main Source of Earning on Youtube is through Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing . Earning from Ads is Very Low on Youtube Compared to Blogging and in 2019 it is going to decrease at higher level as Creators are Increasing Day by Day .
    Blogging : The Revenue from Ads is Obviously higher in Blogging than YouTube . For Example : If we Get 5000 daily Views on Youtube then Our Revenue will be around 1-1.5$ but if we get 5000 Views on Blog then Our Revenue will be around 10$ in India . Thus , We can say that Income from Adsense in Blogging is 10X More than in YouTube.

    1.4 Fame

    If We Talk about Fame and Fan Following , Youtube has an Edge over blogging as Youtubers are More Famous than Bloggers . It is Due to Personal Engagement and We see Youtuber in a Video . Even if a Youtuber has 10,000 or Plus Subcribers , he has a Good Fan Base and Many People Know Him
    But in Case of Blogging the Scenario is Bit Different . Even if You are Getting a lot of traffic daily but not many People Know You . People Just Visit to Your Blog , Read Articles and Go back . There is Lack of Personal Engagement in Blogging .
    Hence , If You Want Fame and Fan Following then YouTube is Far Better Option than Blogging.

    1.5 Risk Of Success

    YouTube : As We all Know , Internet is Growing at Very Great Speed in India . Therefore , Competition on YouTube as Well in Blogging is Going to Increase Certainly . According to My Experience , ‘Uniqueness in Content’ and ‘Consistency’ is the Key to Success in Youtube . Still , There is No surity that if You Work on a Youtube Channel for 6 Months or More then You Will get Success . You can Even Face failure.
    Blogging : Blogging also have Risk . There is no Gurantee that Your Posts will rank in Google . According to me , ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Patience’ is the key to Success in Blogging . Firstly , Gain Knowledge about Blogging then Work on it and Keep Patience and You will be Successful . But the Competition in Blogging is also Increasing very Fast . So , it is still not too late to Start Blogging.


    There is No Doubt that YouTube and Blogging are Best Methods to Make Money Online and Starting them in 2019 is Not a Bad Idea at all . My Suggestion to You is that Firstly You Should Try in YouTube and You Should Build a Good Audience there and After Some time You should Start Blogging Too and Can Derive Traffic to Your Blog through Your Youtube Channel . The Scope of YouTube and Blogging is Definitely Going to Increase in Upcoming Years !

    So , This Was all for this Article . If You Found this Article helpful then don’t forget to Share it with Your Friends . I Will Come Back with Another Knowledgeable Article , Till then “Keep Learning , Keep Earning ”.